First century of the year

Al again – James has all manner of excuses like a dissertation and studying
so I’ll let him off.

I did my first century of the year on Sunday, not for the distance on the day but to see how I coped the day after. 161.1km on Sunday on a lovely route with some great climbs:

Out from the West of Edinburgh to Kirkliston and then across the bridge into the Kingdom of Fife. West along the Sustrans 76 (great path but slow going) to Stirling, then climbed towards North Third reservoir. Descent to Carron Bridge, then back up and over to Kilsyth. Canal from Kilsyth (awful mud) to just past Falkirk and on road through Shieldhill towards Bathgate. The final stretch saw me ride through Livingston and Kirknewton into a blizzard for the home stretch. Great fun, although at 4k short when I got to my door I needed to do another quick circuit to make the century!

Today, Monday, I rode into work as normal, but felt a bit tight in my legs when sitting at my desk. The ride home was along the canal with a headwind strong enough to put a swell on the water that you could probably surf, which was good training although it felt like purgatory at the time! Tomorrow should hopefully feel better but we shall see…

Lessons learnt from Sunday’s ride:
100 miles equals 6251 calories from the HRM – we’ll need to eat constantly on the trip!
Powerlinks are worth ten times their weight in gold – chain snapped in Stirling but I was back on the road in minutes. However, at four quid a shot SRAM are having a laugh!!
Powerbars freeze so should be kept in jersey pockets as opposed to in a tri bag.
Cherry Cranberry Powerbars are perhaps the best tasting energy bars out there.



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