Aftermath of the first century

Following last week’s century, I’ve been seeing how I recovered from the ride to see if there’s anything I need to focus on.

Starting with the most obvious, my legs have been fine. Monday was a bit slower than normal but I suspect it might be down to the headwind.

My posterior was a bit tender, it seems my saddle varies between comfy and agony. This seems to be a characteristic of the Brooks Swift, it’s collapsing in the middle a bit due to a combination of thin leather and the lack of a supporting band to keep the sides together. Time will tell as to whether this calms down a bit or if I need to look for another saddle. Tensioning doesn’t seem to make a difference as one side of the saddle is already tight enough so I think I’ll just need to live with it.

Finally, the surprising pain has been in both hands, in the same place at the wrist. This was unexpected, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to the gloves.

I have been wearing Edinburgh Bicycles winter gloves, and on the commute they’ve been great. However, the padding on them is on the outside of the hands which seems to force my wrists inwards when I’m riding on the tops, and 100 miles of this isn’t the best. However, this is the first time I’ve experienced pain with those gloves so I may need to look at other postural issues.

I’ve got a free day next Sunday so might try for more of the same and get some proper distance in again, hopefully this time without pain.



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