Progress Report – James

Thought I’d put in my 2p for a change! In terms of progress towards training and gearing up it’s going slow from my side of things. Done nothing since doing c100 miles from Aberdeen to Inverkeithing in February on a fully laden single speed road bike. However I have taken up running which can only be a good thing…

In terms of kit I’m in better shape. Slowly but surely my Specialized Stumpjumper is making the transformation into a long distance steed. A new rear hub has been fitted and the wheel nice and true with skinny tires means resistance is at an all time low, ideal for being energy efficient and easier on the hills. Seat post mounting rack fitted which will hopefully taken a couple of Alpkit dry bags to haul the minimum of gear we plan to take! Still to decide on what handlebars to fit, will most likely be straight bars with bar ends to increase comfort.

Al booked our train tickets down to Penzance this morning so it’s full steam ahead which is exciting, going by our previous adventures there’s never a dull moment!



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