The bike – or is it?

I’d mentioned previously that my Cube X Race Pro was going to get used for the trip, but I’m having second thoughts. I’ve got a steel hardtail, and I thought perhaps a steel road bike would be comfy an fast for the whole route.


I’ve always lusted after a titanium frame, and as luck would have it Van Nicholas do a full bike of their Mistral for a very good price. Titanium is as comfy as steel or even moreso, but considerably lighter, so the full bike weight is comparable to that of my Cube. This bike is on order for a test ride, and once received I’ll know whether I’ll have a new bike to get used to.



2 responses to “The bike – or is it?”

  1. Colin Cadden (@ScotRoutes) says :

    You can have a ride on my Amazon whenever you want. It’s set up with discs, which I prefer for loaded touring. Currently has those weird Woodchipper bars on it because I was using it off road and I prefer the wider position. often have good prices on VN stuff.

    • alasdairmc says :

      I’ve gone to Edinburgh Bikes actually – 15% off retail this weekend made it only a couple of hundred more than a steel Charge I was considering.

      Hopefully I’ll be able to test ride it later this week…

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