The new bike

I’ve been rambling along for months about gear choices, and yesterday was my first time out on the new bike.


I went for the Van Nicholas, and it feels great. I fitted my Brooks saddle but other than that it’s the plain build. It’s fast, yet comfortable – the feel on the road is like my steel hardtail offroad. There’s a bit of give that softens out the horrible road vibration, but it doesn’t feel squishy when out of the saddle to climb. It weighs less than my Cube as well, so money well spent I reckon.

However, I still prefer my Shimano shifters on my Cube to the SRAM on this bike. Shimano Ultegra shifting feels a lot softer compared to a quite harsh feel on this. It may loosen off over time, but we shall see…

Route-wise, I rode Edinburgh-Dunfermline-Crieff-Comrie, then had a long lunch stop and returned by Braco, Dunblane, Stirling, Grangemouth, Polmont and finally Kirkliston. I got 120 miles in and I feel fine today. My hands are a bit sore, which I think is down to just not being used to the thinner tyres. My legs are perfectly fine though despite almost 9 hours on the bike. I averaged 25kph, which is more than normal even though I had a big saddlebag with me.


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