Day zero

Arriving in Penzance about half an hour late, following some train delays due to flooding, we made our way to Lands End. Everyone always says that Cornwall is hilly, and this didn’t disappoint. There is no such thing as a flat road in Cornwall, just uphill and downhill roads.

Five miles in, James got a puncture. After a quick change in light wind, we continued to Lands End. The first sight of it was a mixed bag. It’s a big collection of buildings, but at least the sun came out at the same time.


We got closer, and saw that the ‘Ye Olde’ visitor centre was closed and the place was deserted. This was a good thing though, as the thought of paying a tenner for a photo at the sign wasn’t really that appealing.

We got to the sign and there were a couple of finishers already there. They got some photos for us – free of charge, so we completely failed to contribute to the local economy!


Back to the hostel was easy enough as we knew what to expect, and then we turned in early knowing that the next day would be a big one…


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