Day 3 – Thornbury to Hilderstone

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Today will forever be remembered as the day the rain came. People say the third day of a tour is the hardest, but it wasn’t that bad which means we’ve definitely got a horrible one coming up sometime!

We had stayed at the Days Inn just North of Thornbury, which was great value for money. However, the package breakfast they offered at a fiver seemed measly to say the least. We opted to skip that and rode the 18 miles to Gloucester for breakfast.

After a quick stop for food, we checked the map and decided on Kidderminster for lunch, a further 42 miles away. However, hunger set in before long, so Worcester was reached and we opted for the Hobbit-like second breakfast of a panini.

One thing I love about riding the LeJog is that you pass through so many towns on the way, without having to worry about parking the car and having a look around. It means you can add a load of towns, cities and villages to your list of places you don’t need to go to ever again in your life to find out they were never worth going to in the first place.

Note that the above wasn’t aimed just at Worcester, but it makes quite an easy target. The same could be said for Kidderminster, where we met up with my dad for a quick pint of Coke.

However, one good thing about Kidderminster is the fact they have a TK Maxx. This is no big deal in itself, but the fact they sold James a pair of shorts to replace the frankly hideous ones he had originally brought is in my mind a very good thing.

Anyway, Kidderminster and my dad were soon left, and we went straight to McDonalds in Wolverhampton. (Wolverhampton is another of the places in the list above). One thing that McDonalds has got going for it is the fact you can get loads of calories for not much money. While it does make some people fat – despite being restaurant provider to the London 2012 Olympics – the high calorie content is just what you need when biking. On average we are burning 5,500 calories a day on the bike. A quarter pounder meal with a milkshake is 1200 calories, so I can’t see how anyone not doing a decent level of exercise would treat that as a snack.

Just as we were leaving Kidderminster, the rain started. We had expected some rain, and it started light, but soon it was chucking it down. However, we were warmed up so didn’t bother with jackets. This wasn’t a good idea when we had stopped at McDonalds, as we very quickly cooled down and ended up shivering until we had warmed up again by riding.

Following Wolverhampton, we stopped in Stafford to pick up some snacks. By this point we were ninety miles in but didn’t really feel it. I think we are getting to the stage where our fitness is improving day on day, and our legs (mine at least) don’t have the same dead feeling every morning that I was expecting.

Typically the day was finished with a climb, but then after arriving at the B&B we got a takeaway delivered and are just relaxing now.

Tomorrow is our rest day – only 70 miles to Preston.


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