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Gear reviews – what worked

I’ve had the time on the ride to think about what worked and what didn’t work, and which of the things I’d recommend if you considered a similar undertaking.

Brooks Swift
The saddle has been phenomenally comfortable all the way through. My previous posting of Sudacrem was perhaps too hasty as I’ve not had any problems whatsoever with this saddle on the ride. Just make sure it’s broken in before you depart!

Carradice Camper Longflap
Again, flawless use from this. The Longflap variant is definitely the one to buy as the extra capacity comes in useful for any impromptu supermarket visits. The sizing was near perfect for me, with the buckles compressing the load down well. I would consider it for more bulky touring, perhaps putting my tent across the top with a bar bag for my sleeping bag. The bracket on the other hand is a bit rubbish, requiring a repair in Tongue as it’s a bit flimsy.

The hype is right – nothing feels like it. Lighter than steel but comfier than both it or aluminium. I was really happy I bought this bike, and hope it does me for years and years.