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Book review – Deception Point

I decided to take a book away with me to kill time in the evenings. Having read all of Dan Brown’s other works, I thought I could do worse than this. However, having read this one, I can’t see why he’s so popular as he’s just a writer of formulaic thrillers that reveal themselves very early on.

If you’re writing a Dan Brown book, you need to start with an expert in their field (cryptology, information analysis, symbology…)
You then give them a love interest, equally capable but in a different field.
Add a mysterious society or organisation (CIA, Knights Templar, Illuminati)
Kill, or appear to kill off some main characters
Have at least one main character reveal themselves to be working for the other side.
Bad guys chase good guys
The conspiracy turns out to be a lie
Good guy and love interest get together
The end

In short, don’t buy this book.


…and we’re off

A half four start this morning signified the start of our trip. After watching a month’s worth of rain fall on Edinburgh (if weather forecasts are to be believed), I set out towards Waverley into a headwind. Nine miles later, I was soaked but ready to go. I made a point of avoiding the tram lines on Princes Street as it would be unfortunate to injure myself before I even started.

This kind of thing does happen; a colleague managed five minutes on their LeJog last summer before breaking their collar bone after trying to adjust their front brake without stopping to do so. As I’m on the train as I write this, I’d like to hope I was doing better…

The guide book


My mum found this in a charity shop, so I think it’ll form the basis of our planning…

First post

Welcome to this blog! Its aim to is to follow the progress of James Cran and Alasdair McLean on their quest to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats in July 2012.

There will be posts on various aspects of the venture including; training, gear and route choice.

We hope that it provides entertainment to our friends and family as well as motivating others to challenge themselves!